Barbarian Whirlwind Build for RoS

Spin n Win

Let’s face facts: Barbarians are no longer the harbingers of destruction they once were. But does that mean “spin to win” is no longer a viable farming strategy? Hardly not. If anything, there are now more variations on the fabled Whirlwind build than ever before.

Our first build is tailored towards players who have either just hit level 60, or are lacking the necessary gear and/or Paragon levels to run a fully offensive build.

It’s particularly strong against large swatches of enemy, and due to its defensive nature, more than holds its own against Champions and Elites. Better yet, you won’t need much in the way of Fury generating gear to make this build work for you.

Defensive Whirlwind Build

Note: If you haven’t changed from the default settings, you’ll need to switch to Elective Mode in order to unlock all build/skill customizations. Go to: Game Menu > Options > Gameplay.

Why it works

This build assumes very little, yet is powerful enough on its own that most players shouldn’t have too much trouble steamrolling through Master or Torment I. And for those brave enough to take on Torment IV or higher, our preferred Whirlwind build makes up for what it lacks in speed with sturdiness.

Because Barbarians no longer generate Fury off of crits, we compensate by first selecting the single best Fury generator/skill rune combination (Bash with Instigation) at our disposal. Tack on the increased Fury procured through Unforgiving and Wind Shear, and you’ll rarely hear the dreaded words “I need more Fury.”

We go with Battle Rage + Bloodshed and Sprint + Run Like the Wind, which together ensures that we’re maximizing our AoE damage and subsequently the Fury generating effect of Wind Shear. Superstition seals the deal through both its defensive and Fury acquiring properties.

How it works

The rotation is simple. Start off with War Cry, followed by Battle Rage. If you need extra Fury – which you will against smaller mob groups – Bash away. But for the most part you’ll only be utilizing Whirlwind and Sprint. Assign Whirlwind to your left or right mouse button, whichever you prefer, and hold it down for as long as you have Fury to spend. Sprint should be refreshed every 3 seconds. The timing takes a bit of getting used, so to start, just use it when your Barb starts moving slower than Deckard Cain.

Ignore Pain + Ignorance of Bliss is our preferred “Oh S**t!” power of choice, if only because it virtually guarantees a second chance at life. Save it for those perilous moments, particularly when facing Elites with nasty affix combinations.

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