Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Dyes

A lot of fuss has been made over what sort of “effects” the Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition dyes will apply to gear. Due to the flavor of the tooltip text, players were thinking that the dyes would be adding some sort of “particle effect” to their characters’ gear, when in fact, it’s nothing more than just a color. However, the dyes in the CE are bottomless, meaning players will be able to endlessly use them on their various gear pieces, allowing for a consistent look throughout their entire progression of the game.

Here’s a recent post from Bashiok that serves to spell things out a bit better and end the assumptions about the dye effects…

Quote from Bashiok

I apologize if you felt the flavor text implied something specific regarding the dyes. Like all flavor text it’s intended to impart flavor, and not be a literal description of an item’s abilities. Particle effects are one of a few ideas we’ve considered working on for dyes in the future, but they’re not technically possible with the system at current. (Source)

Diablo 3 CE Bottled Cloud DyeBottled Cloud CE Dye

The following description for the dye from the official Blizzard site had players thinking the Bottled Cloud dye would apply an illuminating glow to their gear…

“The gentle wind of the heavens cools the air, infusing the area with a soft glow.”

Actual effect from the Bottled Cloud Dye: it gives your armor a beige color.

Diablo 3 CE Bottled Smoke DyeBottled Smoke CE Dye

This description made it sound like the Bottled Smoke Dye would apply a shadowy, smoky mist to your armor…

“An eerie howl emanates from within as creeping shadows spill forth.”

Actual effect from the Bottled Smoke Dye: it turns your armor dark gray.

Although they lack an actual animated effect, the CE dyes will still be a sought after commodity due to the limited nature of the Diablo 3 CE. These are the only dyes in the game that add these two unique colors, so it stands to reason that many players will be looking to get them applied to their gear — those with the CE and those without.

Owning the CE dyes is going to give you a slight advantage over others when it comes to earning gold. There will be many players looking to get these dyes applied – especially the Bottled Smoke – so being able to offer this service will undoubtedly put you on the fast track to making some riches once Diablo 3 goes live.

Do remember that dyed items cannot be sold on the auction house, however, you will be able to trade dyed items between players.

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