Jay Wilson Talks About Inferno

IGN posted a video interview with Jay Wilson where he discusses the hows and whys of Inferno difficulty – as well as gameplay strategy in Inferno.

According to Jay, Blizzard tuned Inferno mode until the internal test team found it challenging enough – then they made it twice as hard. He also goes on to say that Inferno mode can be conquered by a solo player, but that co-op play will make the process easier. All in all, nothing really too noteworthy here, as we know that a balanced group will always fare better than one character with a limited skill set. Still, though, it’s nice to at least know that the entire game can be beaten solo if one should choose to go that route.

Don’t expect to see much in the way of insider tips when watching this video. Beyond discussing the difficulty of Inferno, Jay’s tips on succeeding in Inferno are more or less common sense. His Captain Obvious hints include: focusing on single-target damage, while using AoE abilities for crowds, and having two defensive abilities — one that is group-centric and the other being solo-centric. Ya think..?! Of course, if you haven’t played the beta then this could be news.

The video does offer a nice glimpse of Inferno mode gameplay with a Wizard. Jay also gives some basic strategy tips for the class. Again…nothing beyond the basics, but it’s still worthwhile to watch.

Jay Wilson Talks About Inferno


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